1 hour Gift Certificate with Rhys Wynn Davies

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Want to gift a friend or family member a 1-hour Psychic Mediumship Reading with Rhys Wynn Davies.  Its the perfect gift idea to help a friend or loved one move forward in life. Can people find life purpose, direction, problem-solving, support them through grief, connect them to their loved ones in the spirit world. A very thoughtful gift and gesture for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and just because. If you purchase this item we would contact via email and ask for your friend or family members; full name so that we can generate a personalised gift certificate on their behalf and send it to you to gift. Please provide your friend or family members full name who will be the bearer of the certificate.


    1 hour Psychic Mediumship Reading with Rhys Wynn Davies Gift Certificate. This item is personalised to the intended person named on the certificate. The bearer of the certificate is entitled to a 1 hour free session with Rhys on line or face to face.


    The 1 hour Psychic Mediumship Reading Gift Certificate is only valid to the bearers name that is displayed on the back of the gift certificate. I.D maybe be asked to prove identity of the bearer prior to reading. The bearer has a validation period from the purchase date on certificate and the expeiry date displayed on the back of the certificate. Failure to organise or have the reading session within this period would constitute an expired gift certificate and the gift certificate would be void. Only by email consent with Rhys prior to a reading can the bearer of the gift certificate regift or exchange the gift certificate to a friend or family member on their behalf. The bearer must make contact within 48 hours prior of booking a session using the gift certificate to cancel or reschedule a reading session. Failure to do so or to not turn up for you gift certificate reading session will void gift certificate. 


    1 hour Psychic Mediumship Gift Certificate is in exchange of time for 1 hour with Rhys Wynn Davies providing Psychic Mediumship services. The 1 hr certificate can be used for either a online psychic mediumship reading or face to face psychic mediumship reading.  

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