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30 Common Signs From Spirit

Updated: Feb 7

As we navigate the complexities of life, many believe that the universe or higher powers communicate with us through various signs. Whether you call it intuition, divine guidance, or messages from spirits, these signs often serve as a source of comfort and direction. In this blog post, we'll explore 30 common signs from spirit that people frequently encounter on their life journey.

  1. Feathers: Finding feathers in unexpected places may be a sign that angels or spirits are near.

  2. Synchronicities: Meaningful coincidences that seem too perfect to be random.

  3. Dreams: Messages from the spirit realm often manifest in vivid or symbolic dreams.

  4. Number Patterns: Repeated number in sequences like 111, 333, or 777 may carry spiritual significance. Sequences of number plates on cars can also be significantly special to someone.

  5. Birds & Other Animal Encounters: Animals or specific types of animals appearing in unusual ways or repeatedly seen in unusual places can be messengers from the spirit world. A particular bird or multiples of the same bird showing up or appearing in numbers can be a sign from spirit.

  6. Electrical Interference: Lights flickering, electronic devices acting strangely—energetic shifts might be at play.

  7. Intuitive Nudges: Strong gut feelings or intuitive urges guiding you in a certain direction.

  8. Rainbows: A symbol of hope and divine connection, rainbows can be seen as spiritual signs.

  9. Coins: Finding coins, especially in unexpected places, may be a message from a loved one in spirit.

  10. Unexplained Scents: Fragrances associated with a departed loved one, such as cigarette and cigar smells, perfumes, cologne and scents of liquor are often detected.

  11. Butterflies & DragonFlies: Symbolizing transformation and rebirth, butterflies and dragonflies are often seen as signs of spiritual growth.

  12. Songs or Music: Hearing a specific song repeatedly, especially if it holds personal meaning such as a song played at their funeral. Songs and music can be a form of communication and give sense to a person a loved one in spirit is near them.

  13. Visions: Brief glimpses or images that appear in the mind's eye, providing insight or guidance. Also sometimes occurring as a glimpse in the corner of your eye and then gone can be a sign of spirit presence.

  14. Cold or Warm Sensations: Feeling sudden shifts in temperature without any apparent cause.

  15. Rain on a Sunny Day: A rare occurrence that some interpret as a sign of blessings from the divine.

  16. Recurring Signs & Symbols: Certain symbols appearing frequently in your life may hold spiritual significance including road signs, billboards and bus advertisements.

  17. Clouds: Some believe finding clouds with certain shapes and appearances signs from loved ones and animals in spirit.

  18. Phone calls and text messages: Particularly associated with after a person has passed that receiving a message, missed or unknown call can be contact from a loved one in the spirit world.

  19. Deja Vu: A feeling that you've experienced a moment before, possibly indicating alignment with your life path.

  20. Orbs in Photographs: Some interpret orbs captured in photos as manifestations of spiritual energy.

  21. Rainfall: Rain falling during significant moments may be seen as a cleansing or purifying force.

  22. Unexplained Feelings of Peace: Moments of unexpected calm or tranquility during challenging times.

  23. Hearing Names: Hearing your name or a specific name repeatedly may be a form of spiritual communication.

  24. Repeated Words: Repeated words in articles, code words, nick names and odd sayings are also meaningful to those left behind. An encounter with a specific animal associated with a departed loved one.

  25. Strong Emotions: Sudden waves of emotion that seem to have no apparent cause.

  26. Flowers: Flowers can remind people of loved ones in spirit if it was their favourite, planted to remember or honour or was displayed at the funeral. Seeing them in ofd places can bring back memories and be considered a sign.

  27. Glimpses in Peripheral Vision: Catching glimpses of movement or shadows out of the corner of your eye.

  28. Unexplained Healing: Unexpected recoveries or improvements in health without clear medical explanation.

  29. Gifts from Nature: Finding beautiful or meaningful objects in nature, like heart-shaped stones or unique flowers.

  30. Meditation Experiences: Insights, visions, or a sense of connection experienced during meditation sessions.


Interpreting signs from the spirit realm is a deeply personal journey. While skeptics may attribute these occurrences to coincidence, those who embrace the spiritual aspect of life find comfort and guidance in these signs. Paying attention to the subtle messages from the universe can offer insights, reassurance, and a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves. Keep an open heart and mind, and you may find that the signs from spirit are abundant in your life.

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