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How to Talk to the Dead Mentorship Program #1

Join Rhys in his 10-week program to strengthen and develop your mediumship skills. Each week you will receive training and focus on one of the 10 Steps: 

  1. Point of view: Strengthen your belief system and trust your intuition. 

  2. Prayer & meditation: Learn to tune the “radio” to find the best reception. 

  3. Prior knowledge: Your life experience is a reference for communication. 

  4. Perceiving: Invite spirits to come close when and where you want them to.

  5. Processing: Ask telepathic questions and perceive the answers with your senses.

  6. Profiling: Learn to ask the right questions to “profile” the character of the spirit.

  7. Positioning: It’s crucial to know if you’re dealing with a mom, aunt or sister.

  8. Placement: Figure out who the spirit wants to talk to and ‘place’ your link. 

  9. Presenting: Present your proof professionally and with empathy. 

  10. Persistence: Keep positive and talk to the dead with confidence.

To participate click on the Learn More button below & buy the course.

After that please buy the physical products in my shop that are needed for this course: Book - How to Talk to the Dead in 10 Easy Steps and the Psychic Mediumship Training Cards.

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Do you prefer private mentoring? 

If you want to follow any of my programs at your own pace, with my supervision, then you could follow my private course.

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What's Next?
Mentorship Program #2

After a few successful rounds of the 'How to Talk to the Dead' Mentorship Program, we are now proudly launching a second Mentorship Program for those students that want to take it further. Participation in the original Mentorship program is a prerequisite. 

  1. Setting Goals & Choosing the Right Environment & Feeling Confident

  2. Getting More Evidential Proof Using the 4 P’s Cards

  3. Using Tools in Readings - Oracle Cards, Psychometry & Photographs

  4. Coaching Your Clients with Life Problems as a Psychic Medium

  5. Managing Multiple Spirit Communicators in Readings &Demonstrations

  6. Dealing with Negativity & Turning Around the Sceptic

  7. Giving an Entertaining Platform Performance

  8. Succeeding at the Business Side & Marketing

  9. Being a Spiritualist Medium & Applying the 7 Principles to your work

  10. Exploring Forensics & Missing People

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I have studied with mediums from the Arthur Findlay College, Lilydale, New York, Ireland, and the Spiritualist Church of Canada. Without a doubt, Rhys Wynn Davies has been the most exceptional teacher of all because he is comfortable with his knowledge without being arrogant is most enthusiastic about giving you the tools and confidence you need to succeed. I highly recommend him as a Psychic Medium and a teacher. Connie

I had the pleasure of attending one of Rhys Wynn Davie's Psychic Medium workshops. Kudos to Rhys for making it fun, hands on and professional. I came away with confidence in my abilities and a fabulous set of tools. Rhys is a dynamic, approachable caring presenter. Thank you Rhys. P.S. I love the cards you created too.

An amazing, words can't discribe enough how much I learned in such a small amount of time we spent together in BALI Soul Quest Retreat. I have so much confidence now , overcoming my fears doing platform Medium Reading......Bring it on lol

Rhys Wynn Davies is an excellent psychic, medium and teacher. He is warm, compassionate and caring. I am so thrilled to learn of his new home at Sacred Trees Spiritual Studio in yhe Netherlands. I wish it was in the USA. I will always take his workshop or receive his guidance here or there when possible.

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Please email Rhys if you're interested in Program # 2 & 3

Enhance your Trance Mentorship Program # 3

I'm so excited to launch this Trance program, my favourite so far! Let's explore the deeper levels of mental trance mediumship. You'll be surprised where it might take you. Participation in the original two Mentorship programs is a prerequisite. 

  1. History & Pioneers –  Learning from the best trance mediums from the past

  2. Setting the Stage – Creating the right mind and environment for trance

  3. Attunement and Control – Surrendering to get into a deep trance state

  4. Trusting the Blend – Letting different spirits influence your awareness

  5. Inspirational Writing – Working with spirits to share their words of wisdom

  6. Spirit Drawing – Connecting art with the spirit world through trance

  7. Speaking – Sharing messages of hope from spirit in a trance state

  8. Transfiguration – Allowing spirit to manifest itself through matter

  9. Healing – Channeling healing power to someone in need

  10. Personal Development – Using trance in your daily mediumship work

  11. Bonus Class - Moving forward with writing, speaking, drawing, healing

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Please email Rhys if you're interested in Program # 3 - Dates TBD



I am so grateful that so many of you bought my book! I hope that you are enjoying the read :) Now that you know the 10 steps, it’s all about doing the work to get better at your mediumship. That’s why I’ll host a mentorship program where you can put the theory into practice with likeminded students and my guidance.


Join me in my 10-week program to strengthen and develop your mediumship skills. Each week you will receive a one-hour video, and a one-hour Zoom group training session to focus on one of the 10 Steps from my book. Together with about half an hour of assignments, you would be spending 3 hours a week on your mediumship development.


I want to guarantee a 100% satisfaction, which means that if you are in any way not happy with what you are receiving at any moment in time before the 10-week program finishes, you will receive a full refund for all the classes that you have not yet attended. You are my top priority!


If by chance you will need to miss one of the weekly online Zoom sessions, don't worry, I will record the Zoom classes and can email you a link to watch the class at a later time (of course you would miss the interaction with fellow students) together with the next assignments. If you are out and about you can also watch on your phone.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Looking forward to it!



Rhys Wynn Davies

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