Hi all, OMG I had a reading with Rhys about a month ago, he kept referring to my mum as being passed over, I said that as far as I knew my mum was still in the land of the living but he continued to use the past tense and mentioned a few things she wanted to say?? I was estranged from my mum for a few years, so didn't know if she had indeed passed over or not. After the reading, I did a search on Births, Deaths and Marriages only to find out that my mum had indeed passed away that very day!!!!! There were a few things that I didn't understand at the time and I questioned but since the reading they have become totally relevant! I totally recommend Rhys 100% and will continue to seek his advice!  " - Janine, Tweed Heads South.

What an amazing, comforting and positive experience I had sitting with Rhys. At the risk of being gender biased men tend to look at every piece of information in order to make any life-changing decision. We seek coaching advice and mentoring from psychologists and professionals, support and consideration from our friends and family, so my meeting with Rhys took me on an accurate and awaking adventure in understanding more of what my life purpose is. His gift served as a 'guiding tool' that acknowledged my sense of 'knowing'. For anyone feeling 'lost'.... Rhys helps you find your way back to you. thank you. Thought you would like to know....Rhys, You mentioned a pocket watch that my  Grandfather had left to my father when he died but then you also mentioned a watch with a white face... Roman numerals and a leather strap. I've asked my father about both and the pocket watch had been left to him but he knew nothing about the watch with the white face and leather strap. So he went and asked my gran and this is the picture he sent me......

Thank you  once again".  - Pedro, Brisbane. 

I organized to have Rhys provide his services for a surprise birthday party for my best friend. He was punctual and set up a pleasant reading corner in the home. He went beyond the call of duty. He read continuously for 10 of my friends, back to back, and he was incredible! He gave all of us accurate, heartfelt messages with evidential connection to loved ones in Spirit."  - Kelly, Brisbane.

I attended your evidential mediumship demonstration in Nerang last night. This was the first visit for me. I was (am) inspired by the entire experience. Special thanks to you for sharing the message from my late father. It meant a great deal to me. I hope to see you again in the not too distant future and wish you continued success in your work." - Michael, Brisbane.

Rhys is fantastic! What a beautiful experience sitting with him and having loved ones come through. He told me things about my grandparents and uncle that I didn't even know until I confirmed them with my mum. All spot on! Rhys is personal and funny, so he really helps you feel comfortable and at ease, even dealing with some difficult feelings. I'm looking forward to my next reading!" - Cate, Melbourne.

Wow, Wow, Holy Wow! Rhys has been such an incredible gift to us today. He has read/communicated with loved one's very special to us, and the gift of healing he has given is invaluable. Thank times a million Rhys! Recommended for anyone wanting genuine, respectful and loving guidance." - Simone, Brisbane.

The best reading ever!!!! Good old Harry came through for me again. Lorraine xxxx. " - Lorraine, Gold Coast.

I love the way Rhys is so intuitive in his style of reading. Everything he said in regards to my yearning to become a mum gave me goosebumps. I also hope to one day be as good as a reader as Rhys. Thanks for that confirmation!" - Sheree Gold Coast.

Rhys is authentic, funny and makes you feel completely relaxed. His words of wisdom come from the heart and are truthful and genuine!  Thank you so much". - Leanne, Gold Coast.

I found Rhys to be very accurate in his readings, a very personable and lovely spirited person. I would highly recommend a reading from him!  - Lexy, Gold Coast.

The information you brought in about my father was spot on! The guidance you also gave me has also helped me in so many ways, Unbelievable!!!" - Janet, Gold Coast.

Rhys gave me a fabulous reading. He gave me confirmation of my dad and how he didn't get to say goodbye to me. Along with personal issues and how to improve them. It was a great reading. Would recommend him anytime!!!" - Deb, Gold Coast.

A reading with Rhys is wonderful for clearing your mind when uncertain of where you are going or where you should be! I recommended him to anyone!" - Janet, Brisbane.

Absolutely beautiful reading and delivered with compassion with heart felt messages in detail of my beautiful nana with heart and soul!" - Angie, Brisbane. 

Rhys made a real connection, telling me things that he couldn't possibly know that were true! A very caring reading". Janet, Brisbane.

Amazing! Very informative, answered all my unspoken questions!! - Sadie, Gold Coast.

Thank you Rhys! Very accurate and detailed when connecting with loved ones." - Teresa, Brisbane.

It's difficult losing a loved one, but Rhys’s reading provided me with enlightenment that she is still present in my life. It provided me with great comfort and I felt uplifted and enriched. Not to mention a little less scared of death. I appreciate the skill that Rhys processes. He has the remarkable ability to communicate with complete strangers and make you feel as if you have been best friends for years. I already look forward in getting another reading done with him. I recommend first timers like myself, to book yourself a reading with Rhys." - John, Brisbane. 

 I had a reading from you in Manurewa in November, you also came to my place the following Monday and gave 4 of my friends readings. You asked for an update, so I thought I would let you know I have met the man who lives just up the road from me as you said. You described him exactly, being charming, charismatic, endearing, kind and a gentleman and you said there would be victory and success over the next 6 months and it would be everlasting.  So of course I feel quite overwhelmed right now (not that I ever doubted you).  It has now been 2 months since meeting him and all is going really well.  I'm so grateful I met you and will definitely see you again this year. - Sue, Auckland. 

 I met Rhys 3 years ago and instantly warmed to his kind, nurturing and extremely funny personality. His story of his journey into mediumship is one most can easily relate to and laugh with. The integrity Rhys displays in his work, social life and family is truly second to none I have met. I am not only honored to call Rhys my friend but am so blessed to be able to work with him. Demonstrating Mediumship is an obvious strength that Rhys portrays, however his teaching skill is equal if not better than his demonstrating. The knowledge, compassion and understanding Rhys shares with each and everyone of his students is a unique gift. If you ever get the chance to spend some time with this beautiful amazing man, whether it be at a demonstration, a private reading or able to attend a workshop, your life will truly be that little more blessed. :-)
May your light continue to shine far and wide Rhys". - Sue, Melbourne xx. 

 Thanks for a magical day in your Psychic Mediumship Workshop, I don’t know what happened, but the person I was when we started in the morning is no longer here. Out came a whole new person, one who can do what she wants and who believes in herself and how fun it was, of all my heart I thank you, hope you understand how many lives you change,  it’s magical!  Tack, Tack, Tack!" -  Lena, Ronneby, Sweden xx. 

 I received a reading during a demonstration from Rhys from Sacred Trees Studio on September 28th of September 2018 while touring in the US. He brought through my grandmother and a very dear friend. He gave me shared memories, personalities, way of passing, family names, and my friend's first name. He also gave me one piece of information that I did not know about. He mentioned a letter being left. I explained that I was not comfortable asking his sister if a letter was left. Today, three months after the passing of my friend, his sister just posted that she was just able to finish reading the letter he left her. Thank you Rhys! I am a Spiritualist and believe life and personality continue, but even as a believer, when it is personal, every bit of proof helps. That is the beauty in the science of this religion." April, Boston USA xx

You asked for an update, so I thought I would let you know I have met the man who lives just up the road from me. You described him exactly, being charming, charismatic, endearing, kind and a gentleman and you said there would be victory and success over the next 6 months and it would be everlasting.  So, of course, I feel quite overwhelmed right now (not that I ever doubted you).  It has now been 2 months since meeting him and all is going really well. Thank you

Sue, Auckland NZ 

Hi Rhys, I just want to start by saying thank you. That was my first experience with a psychic medium and what we covered in a short time in the reading, has made me all the more curious. I really felt a connection to how you work and would like to explore further whether I can hone these skills myself. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Well, I feel ready!

Jude, Melbourne xx

Rhys was very generous in giving me his time for a very thorough reading, which turned out to be one full of surprises; giving accounts of things from people past that perhaps I had forgotten and just needed a gentle reminder of again so I could become more fully aware of ‘self’ and path. Many words of encouragement were brought in by family member’s whom I know are always close by and around me, but sometimes don’t always feel or acknowledge. So, having that connection, or connecting with them and receiving guidance through the help of Rhys was really great! It’s done in a very gentle, caring and nurturing way. So, I thank him and feel very blessed and grateful for that insight. Warm regards,

Natasha, Brisbane.



I'm so impressed with the quality of the Psychic Mediumship Training cards. I've been studying for a few years now and these will only help me improve my mediumship. They are lovely to hold and look at and I look forward to using them in my practice.

Thanks for the prompt service! Mary Ellen, New Hampshire USA xx

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