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The following YouTube video recordings of spiritual teachings, what to expect from my psychic mediumship, examples of spirit drawings and evidential mediumship readings that were taken during public demonstrations of mediumship in front of live audiences or group or individual readings online. Some videos show examples of myself doing precognitive drawings of spirit people before an event, where I draw spirits that come to me before meeting the recipient. Other video's showcase myself doing cognitive drawings, where I am in the moment in front of a live audience or reading online drawing a spirit person in the moment while connecting to a loved one in spirit to a member in the audience or directly in person during a reading session. During these events or readings, I then present the information and link with the recipient. If the recipient wants a video of the reading to share with others, they send me a photo of their loved one who has died to validate the drawings as per examples in the videos below and in the spirit gallery collection. I love the magic of spirit!! I hope you do too.

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