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Are Oracle Cards Always Right?

It goes without saying that most people would use common sense when using oracle cards, and that people are responsible for their own choices. However, over the last decade working as a professional medium I have seen that a lot of people live by the cards. They use multiple cards many times a day to make choices. They might feel that the cards are directing their life and that they have no personal choice. But this wrong, they do. Life is a series of choices.

So how can we use cards wisely? I feel that sometimes oracle cards can be an incredible source of direction and confirmation. Sometimes a card can be so on point and profoundly coincidental. I have had so many readings where I say something and a minute later the card has the same words. In this situation, the clients can assume that the card reinforces the message in the reading. How beautiful is that!

I never use cards to connect to spirit. Good evidential mediums don’t need cards to make a spirit connection. Be weary of anyone who needs them to do that. In a reading, I will always provide evidence first, messages followed by an optional spirit message oracle card as additional support. Messages are often words of comfort or regret. After I have given the message that the spirit has influenced me to say, I will then often pick a few Spirit Messages cards and often these cards validate what I have just said, sometimes even with the exact same words.

Besides words of comfort or regret, spirits also often provide direction for a client in their life. Many clients seek my services because they seek guidance in love, work or family matters. Most spirits, because they are connected to a higher source of wisdom, can provide some guidance in these matters. Of course, the client still has free will and is encouraged to make their own choices. When clients are seeking this type of guidance, oracle cards can be helpful because, again, the messages on them can reinforce the message that the spirit world has provided.

After a decade of mediumship, I found that I needed a different type of cards for my readings. Cards with simple and clear messages on them and beautiful and powerful imagery. I love using cards because the images & words can really help with bringing across an important message. Sometimes I spend an hour with a client connecting with loved ones who all say the same thing, for instance: ‘it is important to forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past, and to move forward with life and choose love. You also deserve a loving relationship’. This message, even though it comes directly from spirit, may not be accepted by the client, as the guilt runs very deep. But when I then ask them to pick a card from the 180 cards I provide, and it says ‘Forgive yourself’ then the message is reinforced. If the client subsequently picks the card ‘You will find love’ then it is reinforced even further. What are the odds of the client picking exactly those two cards? The client often bursts out in tears and the message really gets through to them. To me, that is the power of oracle cards.

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