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How Often Should You See A Medium?

In relation to mediumship. Grieving people often feel the need to see a medium as a way to keep in contact with a loved one they have lost to spirit. They are so missed and experiencing an evidential mediumship reading can truly give them a sense of still staying in contact with them in the afterlife. It can sometimes become an overwhelming desire to have readings often in this case for the recipient. In my readings, I always suggest that 6 months to a year is a good time for the spirit to be able to continue to give what I call Post Life Evidence. What the spirit actually sees for the recipient since they have died. The reason for this is with my own readings, I work very hard to provide as much physical evidence as possible and reasons for connecting, who they met when they died, and what they have seen since they have died. I don’t feel it’s fair to say the same thing again to a person when I have said it to them in the beginning.

Therefore, I suggest to my clients 6 months to a year is preferred to establish additional proof of life evidence and what I love the most in my work more Post Life Evidence since the person has passed and what they see for you in your own life. In follow-up sessions with clients, I try to seek more Post Life Evidence to show that the spirit is still with you since passing and also try to perceive additional physical evidence, memories and other information that I might not of been perceived since our last time together. This time and space suggested between sessions also gives the spirit an opportunity to help me help you in other areas of your life, such as work, relations, and life purpose.

The time in between allows you as the recipient to be able to make your own decisions instead of letting psychic mediums like me have too much influence in your everyday life choices. I want to inspire you and empower you to see situations in your life from another perspective, but still allow you to make up your own mind. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, that is up to you, but I will do my best to guide you and to give you another perspective to a situation you’re in, so that you can feel you are making the best decisions moving forward. This is my ultimate desire and that of the spirit world. The time in between sessions gives this opportunity for a recipient to process what has been shared and the time to act with free will and how they want to act and see their life unfold moving forward.

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