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Making Sure Spirits Don’t “Bother” You

Communication in the spirit world to someone living is done via telepathy. Spirits use mind to mind direct communication where thought is superior to language. So, if you allow it, a spirit can influence your thoughts and mind. If a spirit influences your body it’s because you have allowed it to influence your own mind first, and then allowed your mind to react to that, and then reacted to that thought to create a physical experience. Incarnate means a spirit with a body and discarnate means a spirit without a body. No discarnate spirit can take over another incarnate spirit with a body. We are just completely different forms of energy vibrationally.

You are the boss over your own body and always will be. You are always in control and can ‘will’ any unwanted spirit away. It’s as simple as saying with intention ‘please go away or leave me alone’. Some say, “imagine a white light around you of protection and will the spirit away, some say smudging the house with frankincense”, but all I do is say “I am part of the source that created me, and I serve that creator to make this world a better place.”

Working with spirit every day, I always try to see the reason for why a spirit comes into my mind. Are they a spirit for someone that I’m reading for? Are they a relative of my own? Do they have a connection to the space I am in?

Most of the times I’m visited by spirits that are for my clients. If I’m going to bed the night before I have sessions and have thoughts like “I hope I can help my clients tomorrow” then its highly likely that a spirit comes through straight away. Spirit knows well in advance when an opportunity or chance meeting will occur where they can influence my mind and try to get a message to a loved one. So, if your light is left on, they will come knocking! I simply communicate telepathically with the spirit, in thought, that now is not the right time, because I want to sleep. I welcome them to come back the next day when I’m ready to receive them. As the medium, I am in control of the communication.

I feel that 90% of the time spirits that visit are trying to help or guide you in some way. What if these spirits who bother you are a guide, a spirit who has been with you since conception, protecting and looking over you? What if it is a loved one who has passed and is trying to relay a message to you or someone else in the family? Mediumship has introduced me to spirit people I never physically met in this life, but they have proven without doubt they know me and are watching over me. Once I had a medium say to me, “I have a Jack for you, British regiment soldier who missing part of his leg.” I totally dismissed it thinking “I’m sorry I don’t know a Jack with one leg, because I didn’t”, but when I got in the car and was leaving the event, I had this feeling, perhaps I should ask my dad about it. Sure enough, it’s my grandfather’s brother who I never knew. Since knowing about him, he has come through many other mediums over the past 10 years. What’s even more special is that he stayed in Europe after the war had ended to help find missing people and their bodies and to bring them back home. A true hero and someone I’m proud to be related to, even though we never met.

Having said all that, there are some cases of ‘unwanted’ attachments of spirits. I have experienced that some clients feel scared or influenced by spirits and often I have found that when this is the case the recipient is going through major challenges, guilt, depression or anxiety, which makes it possible for a spirit with that in common to influence them. I don’t mean people that have a bad day, but people with serious depressions or anxiety. Spirits ‘attach’ themselves to the similar vibration and energy, often after a traumatic event or when someone is under the influence of substance abuse or anaesthetics. It’s not that they take over your body, it’s more that they stay within your sphere of influence. But even in those cases it’s very easy to communicate with them, ask them why they are there and tell them to leave. Usually they also have positive intentions, in wanting to help you deal with the negative feelings. For example, some spirit attachments may be over-protective, because in their life when they had a body, they went through something traumatic. They would then influence you to be over cautious and question every action. They often don’t realise that they are not wanted or invited, and not very helpful at all, and they are quick to leave when you explain it to them and ask them to leave. The more positive and in control of your life you are, where you feel you are making the decisions and not others, the easier it is to shift these energies. What we feel and think is also what we attract.

So how do you stop them bothering you? If you can feel a spirit in your ‘space’ that also means that you can communicate with them. If you weren’t sensitive to their energy in the first place, then you wouldn’t know they existed. By communicating with them, you can find out who they are, and why they have come. It’s all about sensitivity, you must be calm, patient, and sensitive to something you can’t see. If another medium has told you there is a spirit attachment, then they should have dealt with it as well.

The best way to communicate with a spirit is to meditate first: find a calm still place and sit upright in a chair, with your hands in your lap, with your eyes closed while slowing your breath down to a rhythm that suits you. With a positive intention in your mind, you ask ‘who is there?’ ‘Why have you come?’ It’s so subtle, it might be a feeling that you’re not alone, goose bumps, tingles, a voice in your mind, you might also see a face in your third eye. Pay attention, you use an intent prayer, and you can either serve them by asking them questions and understanding the situation, or ask them to leave you alone, the choice is yours. I always prefer the first option though. Just remember you are always in control. If you make time to sit for them and ask them questions, then you will know if they are trying to help you, if you have something in common or not, and then you can take control of the situation and ask them to leave. If you have trouble communicating or doubt what you are receiving, you could also go to a medium or a past life therapist.

The best way to deal with unwanted spirit attachments in the first place is to live life on your own terms. Spirits, in general, will not attach themselves to people with high positive energies that lead happy lives. So, working on your personal development is key. If you’re struggling, I would suggest you see a psychologist, medium, therapist or coach. Talk to people about your issues and deal with your problems.

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