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Speak to Mystery Relatives through Mediumship

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Sometimes people say to me, I've got no dead people, but I always think, well that's not true. You just didn't have a physical life with them, that's all, but they are with you spiritually and perhaps guiding you. They might have lived some time before you. Some people ask 'Why did they come through, and not someone more connected in recent times?' It's a great question and here are a few reasons why I think spirits from the past come through:

  • They might need you to contact someone else they did know in the family. Sometimes mediumship isn't always about us, but rather about passing on messages to people that may not visit a medium. A spirit might need you as a messenger to convey their heartfelt love or regrets to someone else dear to them. Would you feel honoured that they chose you for this task? I know I would.

  • The spirit has been in the spirit world longer and is more adapted to the frequency of communicating through a medium.

  • The spirit may have a better ability to reference details and evidence about them with the medium.

  • The recipient and them might have walked similar paths and thus there is a lesson to be learned from their mistake.

  • The connection can also take place because they experienced certain life skills or talents similar to your own and that they are able to connect or support you at this moment in time.

My war hero relative comes to me because I have an interest with past war events with my work, I even feel I've had a past life experience during the First World War. I have a lot of empathy for all those who served in wars under such horrific circumstances. No one wins in war and it impacts me deeply, so I feel this is why he has made contact with me and to also share experiences inthis subject matter. There are no coincidences only opportunity which I now understand spiritually, so I thank him for sharing this insight with you all.

If you don't want to connect to someone that has died, that's OK. I can still give you a reading about your own everyday life, but if you are open minded and willing and enthusiastic that's wonderful. The cool thing that I love about about mediumship is that it can introduce you to someone who is interested and supporting you in your life from the spirit world, who is still with you today, even though you didn't have time with each other in the physical life. This is my relative Jack above who has come through for me twice over 10 years to tell me he is proud of me with evidence and we never even knew each other in this life. Now that I have learned about him and I know what he went though and what he did for his country I can't be more proud. Through his compassion for his fellow soldiers but also his enemy he has shown me how many more infinite possibilities there could be with the unknown power of the spirit world.

That's why I love what I do. I've passed on many messages over the year to others not known or related to me, and it is a true honour that they chose me to do that and to serve them. Some people have said, I don't know this person in one of your spirit drawings, and I usually reply 'go and investigate first and get back to me. Search through old photos, ask family members, look at letters, etc. I've had some clients come back to me after their research and they have gone back as far as their 5th Great Grand Father (257 years ago) with a matching photo to the drawing. Which I think is just incredible!

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