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How to Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy Steps

How to Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy Steps


How To Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy Steps will teach you to achieve your highest potential as a psychic Medium. The magic of perceiving specific details of someone that has died and then giving profound message to your recipient can be a life-changing moment. If you follow the ten steps outlined in this book, you will build a life long relationship with the spirit world. 


    What if you could control your mind, and by doing so communciate with the dead, your loved ones, our guides and the source you know you will one day return to? What if all of a sudden you were able to talk to your mum, dad or other family members or friends you thought you had lost? What if, by being able to do this, you could tap into your true potential and live a life of purpose? This is the potential of psychic mediumship. I didn't know I could talk to the dead. I had to learn how to talk to the dead. To simplify it, some of your thoughts are not yours. They are the thoughts of your loved ones or others in spirit and with this book and a lot of practice, you will learn How to Talk to the Dead. 


    1: Point of View: Strengthen your belief system and trust your intuition.

    2: Prayer & Meditation: Learn to tune the "radio" to find the best reception.

    3: Prior Knowledge: Your life experience is a reference for communication.

    4: Perceiving: Invite spirits to come close when you want them to.

    5: Processing: Ask telepathic questions and perceive the answers with your senses.

    6: Profiling: Learn to ask the right questions to "profile" the character of the spirit.

    7: Positioning: It's crucial to know if the person that died is a mom, aunt or sister.

    8: Placement: Figure out who the spirit wants to talk to and "place" your link.

    9: Presenting: Present your proof professionally and with empathy.

    10: Persistence: Keep positive and talk to the dead with confidence.



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