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Mediumship Training Cards

Mediumship Training Cards

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Practice & Perfect your Mediumship with these Award Winning Cards!

Winner of the Aspiring Debut Artist - International Tarot Foundation - Carta Awards 2020!

Anyone can learn how to communciate with people that have died. These cards will help you ask the right quesitons. Over time and with practice the quality of your evidence and the depth of your connection with spirit will improve. You can also use these cards during a reading with a client to help you develop stronger evidence. I hope you enjoy practicing and perfecting your psychic mediumship with many heartwarming moments connecting with loved ones. 


    The Rhys Wynn Davies Psychic Mediumship Training Cards

    The magic of perceiving specific details of someone that has passed and then having it confirmed by your recipient can be a life changing experience. This is an essentail part of learning how to be an evidential psychic medium. in the beginning it's good to practice your psychic mediumship readings with other people's loved ones, and with continued practice you'll be able to connect with your own loved ones too. 

    These cards will help you ask the right questions to the spirit that you are communicating with. You ask the question in our mind and then perceive the answer with all of your senses. Over time and with practice the quality of your evidenc enad the depth of your connection with spirit will improve. 


    Using Rhys' 4P Method to Evidential Mediumship

    This compact deck of cards includes 100 different training cards (50 double sided cards). The deck includes 4 colour coded sections to practice perceiving different types of evidence:

    • 20 Physical cards
    • 20 Personality cards
    • 20 Purpose of Communication cards to perceive why spirit is communicating
    • 20 Post Life Evidence cards to sense what happened since the spirit has died


    Cause of Death

    We included a bonus section to the card deck! The 5th section of 20 cards in this deck are used to diversify the type of connections that you have with spirit. If you usually bring in grandparents for example, and you want a challenge, you can pick a 'cause of death card'. This is especially useful in a learning environment where you are with a group of people. It's highly likely that someone knows someone that has died in a car accident or had cancer. By picking a 'cause of death' card you can learn to be more comfortable with communicating with people that have died in different ways. 


    7 Clair senses

    You can improve your mediumship by practising the use of all of your senses. Each card has a symbol that corresponds to using one of your senses to perceive your evidence:

    • Mentally know in your mind
    • Physically feel in your body
    • Emotionally feel in your soul
    • See it in your vision
    • Hear it in your ear or mind
    • Taste it in your mouth
    • Smell it in your nose

    450 questions to ask spirit

    Each card actually has 4 or 5 questions about a specific theme, for instance ancestry, hobbies, facial features, ethnicity, cause of death, etc. So the whole pack has around 450 questions that you could use to get better evidence during your reading!



    • Printed on heavy stock paper with a glossy finish and rounded edges
    • Beautiful modern photography to stimulate positive association
    • Modern, logical, easy to read design
    • Colour coded for each section 
    • Different clair symbols on each card
    • They are compact: double sided and a bit smaller than usual oracle cards (7.5 x 11 cm or appr. 3 x 4.3 inch) so the cards fit firmly in the hand and are the perfect hand size to use, shuffle and read
    • Weighing only 175 grams for affordable shipping and easy travelling
    • They come shrink wrapped
    • For a limited time we are including a canvas drawstring bag as boxes tend to break over time


    What makes these cards stand out?

    • Bring a bit of fun and excitement into class or readings by perceiving specific evidence that you've never brought in before. 
    • The cards have open ended questions and are evidence based as opposed to being suggestive
    • Suitable for both complete beginners to advanced practicing mediums
    • The cards are perfect in a teaching environment but can also be used in a one to one session with a client
    • A great tool for the medium or teacher dedicated to being evidential in their work.


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