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I organized to have Rhys provide his services for a surprise birthday party for my best friend. He was punctual and set up a pleasant reading corner in the home. He went beyond the call of duty. He read continuously for 10 of my friends, back to back, and he was incredible! He gave all of us accurate, heartfelt messages with an evidential connection to loved ones in Spirit. "  - Kelly, Brisbane


A private reading will give you plenty of opportunity to connect with multiple loved ones in spirit. Rhys will also work with you on a psychic level. 

$240,- AUD per person

55 mins

Psychic Party ​with Friends

At a psychic party Rhys reads for you and your friends individually in the privacy of your home. Each one of your friends will receive a personal reading of 55 minutes. Min of 5 and Max of 10 people. 

$ 200,- AUD ​per person 55 min

Family or Group Demonstration

Rhys can spend time with you and your family, at a location of your choice. Rhys will demonstrate his mediumship and answer questions for 2 hours. Maximum of 10 people.

$350,- AUD ​per event ​2 hours


In this video, Rhys explains what he does, how he does it and why he loves being an evidential medium. Rhys wants to prove to you that life is eternal and that your loved ones are not gone. He will go to great lengths to give you the evidence that proves without a doubt that he is connecting with the person you want to hear from.


Do you want an online reading in the comfort of your own home? Online Readings with Rhys are just as good as face to face. For the quality of evidence and the connection with spirit, Rhys does not have to be in the same room as you. If you have an online reading and are not happy with it, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. To book, simply click the button below, pick a day and time that suits you, in your designated time zone, and follow prompts, it's that easy. 119 EUR / 132 USD / 180 AUD. Please note Wednesdays each week online in the calendar are set at later times to suit people in the USA and Canada.

Face to Face in Brisbane is fully booked, sorry! We hope to be back soon.

A private one-on-one Online reading will give you plenty of opportunity to connect with multiple loved ones in spirit. Rhys will also work with you on a psychic level. Th...
Online Reading with Rhys
1 hr
Psychic Medium Rhys Wynn Davies

​​Rhys can work with you with a combination of techniques. These are the techniques that Rhys uses in his readings: 

  • The beginning of reading will be evidential mediumship, with proof of life given including messages to why loved ones draw near to you. Rhys can also draw people who are in spirit for you.

  • Rhys can read your aura to give you psychic information connected to you or another to look into past, present, and future and empower you to make better decisions for yourself.

  • You could also write down a person's first and last name and Rhys can connect to this person and give you detailed evidential information, messages and guidance to support them.

  • Rhys also uses oracle cards as part of his readings to give you added confirmation and guidance on the way forward on any specific issues. 

  • Rhys has spiritual healing abilities too and can offer you guidance and spiritual healing on your own health and well being if desired. 


To check Rhys’ availability and to make a booking for a Reading, Psychic Party or Group Demonstration please send an email to Please allow for 48 hours for Rhys to get back to you and confirm your booking. Readings can be paid for at the reading in cash or card. ​ Rhys also plants a native tree on your behalf to help restore or create new forests for future generations to enjoy. ​


Please arrive on time and well-rested. Please do not consume alcohol or drugs on the day of the reading. You’re always welcome to record the session, so bring your mobile phone or voice recorder. Bring a piece of jewelry that you have worn often if you would like to have a psychometry reading. You could also bring a photo of a loved one, but this is optional. It is always good to set your intentions for a Reading before you come and to think about one or two questions that you need guidance on at this moment in time.

Money Back Guarantee Policy: Rhys has at his discretion and freewill the option to change booking dates, reschedule, cancel or refund the reading at any time in the event of low energy levels, blockages, health or personal issues arising at short notice before and during a reading. A cancellation by Rhys at short notice can either be a reschedule or a refund is acceptable at your discretion.

Rhys Wynn Davies Talks on Why a Reading is Healing 
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