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Welcome to my spirit drawing page. I started drawing spirit faces in Jan 2022. I can talk to you about a loved one that has passed with (perception class mental mediumship) and give evidence of them but my hand (using control class mental mediumship) draws a face at the same time. I don't see them and then draw them, my hand just draws them while I talk about a person. The drawings can be of the loved one I talk about or someone else in spirit they are with who has died. The drawings can also be of loved ones you don't know. One of the drawings below (black and white photo with moustache) was a third great Grand father for the recipient who they didn't know but when she took the drawing to her mother. Her mother could validate him and find a matching photo. This meant so much for the mother to hear from him. Sometimes mediumship needs to involve other family for a healing to take place. The drawings can also be of people in the family who are living and therefore the spirit world would want to acknowledge that person at that time and send their love on to them.  

IMG_6448 2.heic
IMG_6540 2.heic
IMG_6539 2.jpg
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