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How to

Talk to the Dead

in 10 Easy Steps

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Communicating with spirits is not a gift, but rather something you can learn.

How to Talk to the Dead in 10 Easy Steps will teach you to achieve your highest potential as a psychic medium. 

  1. Point of view: Strengthen your belief system and trust your intuition. 

  2. Prayer & meditation: Learn to tune the “radio” to find the best reception. 

  3. Prior knowledge: Your life experience is a reference for communication. 

  4. Perceiving: Invite spirits to come close when and where you want them to.

  5. Processing: Ask telepathic questions and perceive the answers with your senses.

  6. Profiling: Learn to ask the right questions to “profile” the character of the spirit.

  7. Positioning: It’s crucial to know if you’re dealing with a mom, aunt or sister.

  8. Placement: Figure out who the spirit wants to talk to and ‘place’ your link. 

  9. Presenting: Present your proof professionally and with empathy. 

  10. Persistence: Keep positive and talk to the dead with confidence.

How to Talk to the Dead

Talking to the Dead is Easy!

Follow the 10 Steps:

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Get better evidence: Ask these 450 questions instead!

The Rhys Wynn Davies Psychic Mediumship Training Cards

The magic of perceiving specific details of someone that has passed and then having it confirmed by your recipient can be a life-changing experience. These cards will help you ask the right questions to the spirit that you are communicating with.

Psychic Mediumship Training Cards

Who is Rhys?

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This is a place where my students can come together and practice and improve their mediumship. 

For now this Membership Area is completely free for anyone that bought my book or attended my mediumship workshops :) After signing up via the link below I'll have to approve you which may take a few hours. 

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