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Do you want an online reading in the comfort of your own home? Online Readings with Rhys are just as good as face to face. For the quality of evidence and the connection with spirit, Rhys does not have to be in the same room as you. If you have an online reading and are not happy with it, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. To book, simply click the button below, pick a day and time that suits you, in your designated time zone, and follow prompts, it's that easy. 119 EUR / 132 USD / 180 AUD. 

Sorry, Face to Face in Brisbane not available at present!

Private Online Readings available only (one person at a time)

A private one-on-one Online reading will give you plenty of opportunity to connect with multiple loved ones in spirit. Rhys will also work with you on a psychic level. Th...
Online Reading with Rhys
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" Hi all, OMG I had a reading with Rhys about a month ago, he kept referring to my mum as being passed over, I said that as far as I knew my mum was still in the land of the living but he continued to use the past sense and mentioned a few things she wanted to say?? I was estranged from my mum for a few years so didn't know if she had indeed passed over. After the reading I did a search on Births, Deaths and Marriages only to find out that my mum had indeed passed away that very day!!!!! There were a few things that I didn't understand at the time and I questioned but since has come totally relevant! I totally recommend Rhys 100% and will continue to seek his advice next! " 

Janine, South Tweed

" I always thought that when someone passes away, that was it. That was until I met Rhys. I recently lost my grandmother with whom I was very close. What Rhys told me about my grandmother was spot on! There is no possible way he could have known these things without knowing my grandmother. I now believe there is life after death, and those who pass are always with us. ​"

Kelli, Melbourne

" Its difficult losing a loved one, but Rhys’s reading provided me with enlightenment that she is still present in my life. It provided me with great comfort and I felt uplifted and enriched. Not to mention a little less scared of death. I appreciate the skill that Rhys processes. He has the remarkable ability to communicate with complete strangers and make you feel as if you have been best friends for years. I already look forward in getting another reading done with him. I recommend first timers like myself, to book yourself a reading with Rhys."

John, Google Review

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Born with Celtic ancestry Rhys Wynn Davies is an Australian professional Psychic Medium who inspires, demonstrates and teaches about psychic mediumship and spiritualism. Rhys has been awarded the CSNU (s),(d) & (t) (Certificate of the Spiritualist National Union in Speaking, Demonstrating and teaching Demonstrating Mediumship). 


Rhys provides personal, group and platform readings to large audiences throughout Australia and works internationally in over 12 other countries.

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Talking to the Dead

is Easy!

Follow the 10 Steps:

  1. Point of view: Strengthen your belief system and trust your intuition. 

  2. Prayer & meditation: Learn to tune the “radio” to find the best reception. 

  3. Prior knowledge: Your life experience is a reference for communication. 

  4. Perceiving: Invite spirits to come close when and where you want them to.

  5. Processing: Ask telepathic questions and perceive the answers with your senses.

  6. Profiling: Learn to ask the right questions to “profile” the character of the spirit.

  7. Positioning: It’s crucial to know if you’re dealing with a mom, aunt or sister.

  8. Placement: Figure out who the spirit wants to talk to and ‘place’ your link. 

  9. Presenting: Present your proof professionally and with empathy. 

  10. Persistence: Keep positive and talk to the dead with confidence.

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Anyone that buys my book, cards or takes one of my classes has access to the
Online Mediumship Members Area

This is a place where my students can come together and practice and improve their mediumship. 

For now this Membership Area is completely free for anyone that bought my book or attended my mediumship workshops :) After signing up via the Log In button below, I'll have to approve you which may take a few hours. 

Get better evidence:

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The Rhys Wynn Davies Psychic Mediumship Training Cards

Winner as Aspiring Debut Artist in the International Tarot Foundation Carta Awards 2020. The magic of perceiving specific details of someone that has passed and then having it confirmed by your recipient can be a life-changing experience. These cards will help you ask the right questions to the spirit that you are communicating with.

Rhys Wynn Davies Psychic Medium Australi