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Top 10 Traits of Charismatic People

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Do you know someone that is just wonderful to be around? Someone that lights up the room without even trying? What is that thing that makes them so attractive? And are spiritual people more attractive? Charisma is defined as ‘compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire others’. In my 20 years as a business leader and then my 10 years of working as a professional medium I know when I connect to someone that I find charismatic. I have thought about these connections and have found a few traits that most charismatic people that I know have in common. Many of these characteristics can be learned and crafted over time. Although some young people just seem to have it naturally.

1. Self-love: It seems to me that all charismatic people love and accept themselves. They have overcome their inner dragons and are happy with whom they are. I think that the one thing that attractive people have in common is that they put themselves first, they are confident, without being arrogant.

2. No fear: Charismatic people seem to trust life and seem to be less fearful. They make choices not out of fear of things going wrong, but from a confidence that everything will be wonderful. They emanate that good things are coming their way.

3. Kindness: Charming people are, by definition, kind people. Think about someone that is angry… Angry people are almost the exact opposite of charismatic people. Kindness is very attractive. Imagine seeing someone rushing out to help an elderly person carry their groceries, there's a good chance that we find them attractive.

4. Good Listeners: Charismatic people are often fully present in the moment and are usually good listeners. They take their time for you and make you feel important. They won’t judge you and what you say actually matters.

5. Authenticity: Intuitively most people can feel it if someone is faking it. Charismatic people are real people that are authentic, and genuine. They don’t pretend to be someone that they are not.

6. Humour: Most charismatic people that I know are fun people, they have humour and others enjoy listening to them. They usually don’t take life too seriously and laugh a lot.

7. Modesty: Besides not taking life too seriously, most charismatic people also don’t take themselves too seriously. They are usually modest and seem to care more about the world and people around them than themselves, while still being confident in who they are.

8. Life Purpose: People that are magnetic and attractive to others usually know what they want from life and have found purpose to their life. Usually, this purpose involves something for the good of humanity or the world.

9. Excitement: Attractive people are usually well rested and relaxed. They don’t feel stressed out and run down, but rather energized and excited about what the day has in store for them. Their excitement is contagious.

10. Spirituality: I find that charisma & spirituality is often quite similar. Someone that is spiritual is usually charismatic and someone that is charismatic is also spiritual. Someone that is spiritual is often in touch with their higher self and their intuition, which seems to be necessary to find life purpose, self-love, authenticity, etc.

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